The way to the US Visa

One reason why we are in Barbados long is that we have a US visa applied for (B1 / B2). Unlike air travel, where to get an ESTA visa upon arrival in the US, we need once we start US territory by boat, a valid visa. Otherwise, the US Coast Guard could we impose a hefty fine and forbid us entry. In the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands are part of the US space. In Germany, the time has run at some point just so we looked around for alternatives. In the Caribbean there are in Barbados and Trinidad each a US embassy. In reports from other Segelern we had read that the US Embassy is here familiar with Segelern in Barbados and the procedure can be carried out promptly.

So we bought a data SIM of flow immediately after our arrival to complete the online form on the US website. Unfortunately, the flow map has not worked well together with our mobile phones. The Internet was grotto slowly and partially the normal site rendering did not work. It took us nervous, fill out the forms, but eventually (after a total of 3 days !!!) we had made it and were able to make an appointment for a personal interview at the US Embassy. The earliest date was 14/02/18. Early or short term I define different but good, we want the visa, so we practiced our patience ….

Yesterday it was time. At 9:15 pm we had the appointment. The day before we were on the bus and asked where that line we must take to the embassy and when the bus leaves. Thus informed, we are in the morning into the dinghy to chug at half past seven across the bay. The wind had begun to blow, so that the waves were decent present. Andy drove slowly. We did not want to be sprinkled too wet or salt water. The white spots that remain on drying, we did not have the clothes. Might have awaken the wrong impression. Promptly at eight we were on the bus platform and have provided us in the snake …. and waited and waited. As a twenty after still no bus to see the people but all were very relaxed, we asked a student, when will the bus usually travels. Then she laughed and meant the bus was off usually a little later. Hmm, that was a bit too hot, so we left towards the taxi. I was wondering how people who depend on the bus, to deal with the delays of the buses. While we stood there and waited, more buses were to leave already half an hour before came. Schedule them more time in advance, or say in school / job, “Sorry, Coach came too late” ?! The taxi wanted for the ride $ 20, the bus would have cost us $ 4 together. Well, before we get too late, purely in the taxi and go. It was rush hour, so the way for the 5.5km lasted a good quarter of an hour. Unlike in Berlin, where the road is closed completely to traffic in front of the US Embassy, were located several companies in the business park and the message at the head of the parking lot. At the entrance of our papers were first tested. we were able to deposit in a locker our valuables. Importantly, do not act too quickly or the next step in advance concerns. This makes suspicious. After I get the key, I waited until my next security official gave a sign and I am to the people control. Documents, keys, etc., are funneled like at the airport by a scanner. My belt was made of plastic, so that I could keep on him after the officer has asked me. Andy has been allowed to discuss, he said on his own without being asked, he was made of plastic … suspicious! So on to the next room and then another one on. Here we had to queue, to the passes to make further documents and our fingerprints. Peter and Kathrin from theSY Florentinehad told us that her interview in Munich is very formal strictly expired and. Accordingly, I had prepared myself. So I was surprised that I stood Andy together on the first switch and our passports issued. Unfortunately, the lady was not satisfied at the check-in with my passport photo. My ears were not enough to see, I needed new pictures. She called me a shopping center where I was to take a taxi back. The photo I used in August for my German passport and the online test on the US website the photo had been accepted. but everything counts nothing, so all the way back, get out of the embassy to taxis, curious to see what will cost the ride there and back. the driver wanted $ 20 per trip. Andy has accompanied me, has fortunately not changed the price. At the mall there was a photo shop. Would not surprise me if that is entered into with the US Embassy cooperation. The flash of the camera was pointed without a filter directly to me. You could see on the pictures that sunscreen does know me brought face shiny spots. The makeup of course I left at home. Somehow I see in the photos easily tormented sickly, but my ears are fully visible. Back, which emit through the locks the photo at check-in and in the waiting room sat down to wait for the call for an interview. Which are led back to another switch. passed mean laissez blue, yellow rejected. While we wait, both colors will be handed out to people. We were called together again and the Lord behind the switch led us on a casual discussion. He was interested in how long we want to stay in US territory, as our plans are, why we want to have this visa, whether we want to go back, etc. After a maximum of 10 minutes to get a blue glow. In the next 3 to 5 working days we can pick up our passports at DHL at the airport. Until then, it is said – wait.

Back we enjoy a walk. Taxis have gotten enough money from us.

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